Alice Olsher

Welcome to the Alexander Teaching Centre in San Diego with Alice Olsher.

Alice teaches private Alexander Technique lessons, and is also the director of her Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course in San Diego (ATTTiSD). It is a traditional training based on her training with Walter and Dilys Carrington.

Alice teaches in the Allied Gardens/Grantville area of San Diego.

Contact Alice at 619 855 2345 or if you are interested in private lessons, post graduate work, or the training course.


Siva Srinivasan

“I have been taking lessons with Alice since 2010 and I have reaped immense benefits by learning the technique. Alice has an extraordinary ability to channel her wisdom, clarity and experience through her hands to her students. She’s also very patient, kind, intelligent and loving; not only does she have an ability to give you the experience of greater ease and poise of resting in your natural state, but she’s also skilled at teaching you how to return to that place on your own. Learning the Alexander Technique has been an immensely valuable investment and it has brought about positive transformation in my personal as well as professional life. It is really wonderful to be able to rest and move from a place of stillness, freedom and ease. It has also helped me truly understand the meaning of ‘Living in the present moment.’ I am really grateful to Alice for her wisdom, patience and insights.”
—Siva Srinivasan, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, San Diego


“Alice, I really feel that you were the biggest part of the technique. Your energy was very gentle and never overpowering. It always seemed to be just the right amount at the right time. As far as benefiting parents, the technique allows you to stop your mind and body and focus on what is right in front of you. For me, it allowed me to stop and center myself before responding and that is one of the most helpful things I have ever learned! ”
D, parent at Innovations Academy, San Diego