Alice teaches private Alexander Technique lessons in  the Allied Gardens/Grantville area of San Diego.

Contact Alice at 619 855 2345 or if you are interested in private lessons, or would like more information.

“I was first introduced to the Alexander Technique in Michigan around 1995 after no other modality had helped me with chronic back and neck pain. After only about six weeks of lessons the pain was gone and has never returned. I kept up the lessons for a couple of years, then moved to San Diego. I continued to practice what I had learned, then met Alice Olsher in 2014.  She and I turned out to be a great match, and I started lessons again. Over the next several years I have deepened my understanding and practice of the Alexander Technique. Despite aging, I have remained fairly flexible and am still able to do pretty much everything I want to do. Alice is a wonderful teacher. She is gentle, kind, empathetic, and is great at knowing exactly what a student is ready for and what they’re not. I highly recommend Alice for Alexander lessons.”
—Pam Simpson

“Alice is a superb Alexander Technique teacher. I worked with her for over two years developing skills that have improved the way I use my body, and which have also reduced physical tension, stress and chronic pain as a result of fibromyalgia. I continue to apply many of the techniques to daily activities from breathing, sitting or walking to more complex activities such as writing or playing the guitar. By learning to “direct” my movement and energy more efficiently, I have gained greater fulfillment at work or during leisure time by doing less. Through Alice’s calm and focused hands-on approach, I have easily assimilated the Alexander Technique into my everyday life. I highly recommend lessons with Alice.”
—Juliet Hawk