with Alice Olsher

Fridays at 10:45-11:45 AM US Pacific Time

This class is for musicians/performers. It is preferable that you have had some prior experience with the Alexander Technique. Alice will talk to you about this when you contact her about the class.

Come rest, refresh and get more tools to sing, play and even drive your car more easily!

In this ongoing class we are learning about stopping, which allows the system to release excess tension while performing everyday activities. 

Taking this time, we see the temptation to tighten and learn to prevent it.

It’s a process that takes time and repetition. With regular practice in out classes the process comes more quickly, and each week we will have a chance to practice active rest( lying down).

Classes also include voice work, playing the instrument, singing and more, depending on the needs and desires of the participants.

Cost: $100 per month

Please don’t let cost be a barrier. If you have a sincere interest in taking this class, please contact Alice.

Contact Alice if you are interested in taking part in this class.