The Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course in San Diego (ATTTiSD) is a traditional training based on Alice Olsher’s own training with Walter and Dilys Carrington. AmSAT certified Teacher Training Course: Three years ,1600 hours. 

Alice is currently accepting applicants for training. The schedule can be flexible depending on the needs of the group.*

*If you are interested in an online pre-training group, which would intensify your Alexander knowledge and skills and inform your decision to train, please contact Alice at 619 855 2345 or for more information.

Visits to the Training Course can be arranged for:

  • Prospective Trainees: one day to one week visits—the opportunity to experience being in the training course.
  • Post Graduates:: training during course hours by the day, by the week, by the term
  • Private students:  Intensive work for serious students wishing a short-term, ongoing experience

Alice is assisted on the training course by Rome Earle.  Rome is the last teacher living to have trained with F.M. Alexander himself.

NOTE: At present all courses are online.

If you are interested in the training course, please contact Alice at 619 855 2345 or for more information.



Alice, during her final term of training, with Walter and Dilys Carrington in London, England (1990):