I have benefitted from using Alexander Technique with acting and singing myself. It’s a great joy to use this experience to help performers of all kinds.


I love working with musicians!



Alice Olsher is an unusually skilled and gifted teacher of the Alexander Technique. She trained and graduated in 1990 at the Constructive Teaching Center (London).  She continued as an assistant teacher to the Carringtons until she left the UK in 2005.  Her work is classical and refined, combining her acting background and empathic approach to her pupils, Alice is a jewel of a teacher and I can’t say enough about her quality of skill. You will be literally in great hands with her as your teacher.
—Beret Arcaya, master teacher of the Alexander Technique

Beret teaches actors and singers in New York City. David Hyde Pierce is one of her students, and gave the keynote address at the Alexander Technique International Congress in Chicago in 2018. Click here to read his address.