Alice is currently offering online post-graduate support for Alexander Technique Teachers  click here for details.

She is putting together her next six-week course. If you would like information about participating, please contact Alice at 619 855 2345 or for more information.

Alice has an ongoing group “maintenance” group for people want to continue after the six weeks.

Based upon the recommendation of my AT mentor in England, I made several trips from Texas to San Diego over the course of a year in order to work with Alice Olsher as part of my continuing education in the Alexander Technique.  I was not disappointed! 

Alice is a very generous and meticulous teacher.  I appreciate the sensitivity of her hands on work and the thoroughness of her approach. I recall experiencing a deep quiet after several days of work with her and her students that has rarely been matched for me.  Her philosophy of teaching is to give the student “time and space”.  In the years since this has come to have more and more meaning to me.  

In addition to the AT work at the time, Alice shared documents and information with me related specifically to the first year of teacher training at the Constructive Teaching Centre during her time there.   This is in line with Alice’s commitment to continuing the Carrington legacy.  She also introduced me to another wonderful teacher who had been one of her teachers at CTC.  I highly recommend Alice’s work for post-graduates in AT.  She is a wonderful resource person and very willing and capable in sharing her knowledge and experience.

–Donna Martin, Teacher of the Alexander Technique