Frederick Matthias Alexander, Developer of the Alexander TechniqueAphorisms of F. M. Alexander

“When people are wrong, the thing that is right is bound to be wrong to them.”

“You can’t do something you don’t know, if you keep on doing what you know.”

“Everyone wants to be right, but no one stops to consider if their idea of right is right.”

“Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.”

“If people will go on believing that they ‘know’, it is impossible to eradicate
anything; it makes it impossible to teach them.”

“When anything is pointed out, our only idea is to go from wrong to right
in spite of the fact that it has taken us years to get wrong: We try to get right
in a moment.”

“Everyone is always teaching one what to do, leaving us still doing things
we shouldn’t do.”


The Alexander Technique by Alice Olsher – written for the Innovations Academy newsletter in March 2012.