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Medical Studies

Educational Resources

  • The Developing Self – a website devoted to Alexander Technique in education
  • Presentation by Alice at the 2021 Developing Self Conference:


by F.M. Alexander:

  • Man’s Supreme Inheritance
  • Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual
  • The Use of the Self
  • The Universal Constant in Living

Recommended books about the Technique written by others:

    • Body Learning by Michael Gelb
    • Body, Breath and Being: A New Guide to the Alexander Technique by Caroyn Nicholls
    • Freedom to Change: Development and Science of the Alexander Technique by Frank Pierce Jones
    • The Expanding Self: How the Alexander Technique Changed My Life by Goddard Binkley
    • The Alexander Birth Book by Illana Machova and Angela and Jonathan Drake
    • The Alexander Technique by Joe Searby
    • The Complete Illustrated Guide to Alexander Techniqueby Glynn Macdonald
    • The Alexander Technique by Glynn Macdonald

These books, as well as many others, can also be found at the online AmSAT bookstore, and occasionally on as well.